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The matching seemed to be done thoughtfully. Meeting strangers for the first time can be awkward but I felt like these were people that I wouldn’t mind getting to know further beyond the dinner. I didn’t necessarily get the same feeling after the last speed dating event I attended where you meet random people of various backgrounds, age, etc. Male Piña Colada dinner guest, East Bay, March 2019

I had a great time on the dinner date last night. It was really fun meeting all these great people and without making small talk on dating apps!  -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, March 2019

I absolutely love the concept and would do it again. It felt so fascinating getting to meet everyone and the conversation was great! -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, October 2018

The format and restaurant were great and I definitely feel like it’s a perfect environment to connect with someone if there is a connection to be had. -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, October 2018

I think the experience was really cool. Not only for finding a match but also making interesting new friends. Binsen, San Francisco, September 2018

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and dinner conversations and would try it again. As someone new to the city it was also nice to be connected with people of the same gender who I would like to stay in touch with. It was fun! -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, September 2018

This was a great way to meet other singles and potentially someone you would be interested in but in a low-pressure environment over dinner. The people attending are genuine and nice and want to meet new people over a meal. –Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, September 2018

It was great to have everything taken care of, and overall a lovely way to meet people in a low-pressure group environment. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, Oakland, September 2018

I have always found the dating experience using the usual apps to be tedious, boring, and a waste of my time. This was completely the opposite. Pina Colada did all the matching profiles and scheduling the dinner and all I needed to do was show up. The people were interesting and fun, the food was fabulous, and the respect shown by Pina Colada to structure the experience to suit everyone’s needs was phenomenal. I’m so excited to have found this, and can’t wait to tell all my friends that swiping isn’t the only path to love any more! –Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, August 2018

Someone else took all the guesswork out of planning a fancy dinner party for a group of smart, attractive, interesting singles, and all I had to do was show up! -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, August 2018

Piña Colada is such a refreshing way to meet new people in the age of dating apps and rampant flakiness: no pick-up lines, no wondering if they’ll show up, no awkward looks over the bill, and light conversation to keep you engaged and off your phone. I didn’t connect with anyone, but I had some laughs and a nice meal. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s tired of online dating! -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, August 2018

The selection of dinners was clearly done with careful thought and the group dinner format offers a great way to connect and have fun. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, August 2018

The experience overall exceeded my expectations. It was a great group of people in a nice atmosphere. Given the close matching, I instantly connected with everyone on a personal level. –Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, July 2018

Such a lovely time spent over beautiful food. It was thrilling to enter a vulnerable space with 5 strangers, and I was pleasantly surprised at how compatible the entire table was. The icebreakers were great and the food was really something special; I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Maggie, Oakland, July 2018

You can tell there was some type of thought process that went into selecting the dinner companions. Everyone at the dinner table was interesting, friendly, and could hold a conversation. The location where the dinners were held was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the service was amazing. Peter, San Francisco, June & July 2018

Every element of the experience was so carefully thought through – from the mingling opportunity over drinks at the bar, through the little conversation starters at the table. The whole table got along great. Think of it this way: you get three first dates in one, without having to deal with logistics, or most importantly, flakiness! I recommend giving Piña Colada a try. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, July 2018

It was a great experience with an interesting mix of people. I liked it better than other meetups and speed dating. -Stefanie, San Francisco, July 2018

I wish that every single person had the opportunity to try Pina Colada once, especially if you’re new to the city. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and have a number of firsts, whether it’s your first blind date or your first time at a new restaurant. With six people, the odds of an awkward first dinner are lower than they’ve ever been, and more importantly, it’s fun it is to get to know five new people! -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, South Bay, July 2018

Great overall experience. Excellent group selection. Head and shoulders above other dinner/dating events that I’ve attended in the past. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, South Bay, July 2018

Thank you! It was great meeting such lovely people! I think I didn’t consider how nice it would be to meet other potential lady friends too – they both were amazing. Most of us worked in similar industries which was super nice and it was much more relaxed than I was expecting. The conversation flowed easily. It was not the usual awkward back and forth I was expecting. Overall a great experience and amazing food. -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, July 2018

The conversation flew really easily and everyone was very nice. We all got on very well and the food was very good. -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, July 2018

It is a pleasant way to meet new people. Food is always a good starter, and the people open up after a good cocktail. Overall Pina Colada is an experience to try if you are not into online dating. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, July 2018

It was a great experience and more fulfilling than other dating experiences I have had. I was able to connect easily and naturally with the people around me, something that you really can’t take for granted in this day and age! -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, July 2018

Piña Colada was SO much less awkward than swiping. The group setting made it easy to break the ice, the food was delicious, and the conversation starters were a perfect touch. -Joey Bosworth, San Francisco, June 2018

What a lovely evening! The food was delicious, the conversation flowed, and we all laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. Piña Colada executed a flawless and fun “blind date” experience. I would definitely do it again! -Jen, Oakland, May 2018

couple-557816-unsplashI loved everything from the thoughtful matching and conversation starters and pre-dinner time with drinks and appetizers to the tasty and filling multi-course meal and personalized service. I enjoyed how sophisticated yet laid-back everything was. The group I was with was very friendly and exceeded my expectations. What a fantastic experience! I will definitely recommend Pina Colada SF to all my single friends in the Bay Area. Karen Datangel, San Francisco, May 2018

My experience with Piña Colada was great. I thought the food & drink offerings paired well with a fun group of people. There were no dull moments and everything felt very natural, which is not typically how blind dates go. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, Oakland, May 2018

The curated tasting menu and hand-picked dates paired perfectly for a delicious night that exceeded my expectations. The setup process picked better matches than swiping and we all connected over the amazing meal. I’d recommend Piña Colada to any of my friends who are tired of swiping, appreciate curated food and want a fun way to meet great people. Sasha Sherman, San Francisco, April 2018

This dinner was a fascinating and unique experience. Between the transition from bar seating to a dinner table (so we could choose our seats based on first impressions of the people we met), to giving us branded conversation cards (all of which really worked, and got the conversation going!), to selecting attendees who had interests and industries in common, my first Piña Colada experience was fun and interesting. It was great to feel out connections in-person rather than swiping on pictures. I’ve tried many dating apps and the most frustrating part is that you don’t have a good sense of how you two will get along face-to-face, but this dinner made that much clearer.Shriya Nevatia, San Francisco, April 2018

The experience was AWESOME. I loved that it was all thought out and planned for me. All I had to do was show up. At first, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get along with or like the “blind dates”. But it turned out to be perfect. We all had commonalities and the conversation was great. Everyone in the group got along and there were no “awkward” moments. Compared to online dating with Tinder or Bumble or Hinge, this was optimal. The food was classy and great. –Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, April 2018

As a first time group-dinner-dater, I was extremely impressed by the balance of involvement and organic hands-off presence that Pina Colada had in the evening experience. Overall, the group had an amazing time as a whole, with plenty to talk about – even with the help of printed out conversation starters – and lots of opportunities to chat one-on-one with individuals. I loved the variety in attendees, the movement from the bar to the dining table, and the length of the evening for a weeknight! -Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco, April 2018

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