The curated tasting menu and hand-picked dates paired perfectly for a delicious night that exceeded my expectations. The setup process picked better matches than swiping and we all connected over the amazing meal. I’d recommend Piña Colada to any of my friends who are tired of swiping, appreciate curated food and want a fun way to meet great people. Sasha Sherman, San Francisco

I have always found the dating experience using the usual apps to be tedious, boring, and a waste of my time. This was completely the opposite. Pina Colada did all the matching profiles and scheduling the dinner and all I needed to do was show up. The people were interesting and fun, the food was fabulous, and the respect shown by Pina Colada to structure the experience to suit everyone’s needs was phenomenal. I’m so excited to have found this, and can’t wait to tell all my friends that swiping isn’t the only path to love anymore! –Female Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco

Great overall experience. Excellent group selection. Head and shoulders above other dinner/dating events that I’ve attended in the past. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, South Bay

Such a lovely time spent over beautiful food. It was thrilling to enter a vulnerable space with 5 strangers, and I was pleasantly surprised at how compatible the entire table was. The icebreakers were great and the food was really something special; I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Maggie, Oakland

Every element of the experience was so carefully thought through – from the mingling opportunity over drinks at the bar, through the little conversation starters at the table. The whole table got along great. Think of it this way: you get three first dates in one, without having to deal with logistics, or most importantly, flakiness! I recommend giving Piña Colada a try. -Male Piña Colada dinner guest, San Francisco

I loved everything from the thoughtful matching and conversation starters and pre-dinner time with drinks and appetizers to the tasty and filling multi-course meal and personalized service. I enjoyed how sophisticated yet laid-back everything was. The group I was with was very friendly and exceeded my expectations. What a fantastic experience! I will definitely recommend Pina Colada SF to all my single friends in the Bay Area. Karen Datangel, San Francisco

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