About Piña Colada SF:
Piña Colada brings dating back to real life by connecting groups of six like-minded singles over great food in San Francisco’s best restaurants.

FounderAbout Kati Schmidt, CEO & Founder of Piña Colada (34, German):
Kati is passionate about immigration, female entrepreneurship, and gluten free food. As an early former employee of Airbnb, she left the company in November of 2017 after 6.5 years to pursue her own venture, Piña Colada, to create meaningful connections between groups of six like-minded singles over great food.

Over the past months, we have hosted more than 20 Piña Colada group dinner dates at The Perennial and Commonwealth. More than 600 singles have signed up to our service and we are steadily growing through word-of-mouth and our matchmaker program. Learn more about the Piña Colada community in this fact sheet.

Piña Colada Press Kit including a press release, logo and photos of Piña Colada, The Perennial & Commonwealth.

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Piña Colada has been selected to participate in Startup School by Y Combinator 2018.