We <3 our partners.

Please, reach out if you are interested in partnering with us and offering benefits to our community.

Restaurant Partners

We are proud to have The Perennial, founded by the husband-and-wife team Karen & Anthony, as our first restaurant partner. The Piña Colada group dinner date starts in The Perennial’s award-winning bar with getting-to-know-each other cocktails and appetizers, and then settles in for an incredible multi-course meal that is actually good for the earth. Read more about The Perennial in this portrait in Food & Wine.

Commonwealth is our newest restaurant partner. Executive Chef Jason Fox’s progressive Californian cuisine harmoniously combines flavor palettes from around the world, and a broad range of techniques to create food that is refined, distinctive and satisfying. You will enjoy a sparkling welcome drink and continue with an incredible multi-course meal that is doing good things for the community. Part of the proceeds will be donated to a different local cause each month.  Learn more about the Commonwealth’s exciting and adventurous dining in this portrait.

Second Dates

Sidewalk Tastes & Piña Colada take you on a second date!

Did you connect with someone at a Piña Colada group dinner date? Take them on a second date 1:1! We have partnered with Sidewalk Tastes to make your date planning easy. Sidewalk Tastes are app-guided food tours through your favorite San Francisco neighborhoods. You’ll be guided point-to-point, while tasting the city’s finest flavors without having to pull out your wallet. Simply show the app to receive your Taste. The app navigates you point-to-point and pairs cultural context with insights on your Tastes. You can go at your own pace and take any detours you like – you have all weekend to enjoy your Taste. You can sign up and explore the Piña Colada Sidewalk Taste tours here.




Date Coaching

Photo by Joshua Ness
Photo by Joshua Ness

For Men: Have you ever wanted to talk to a dating coach? Megan Edelson has offered to give all male Piñas a free 1:1 call to deep dive into where you’re at with your dating life and where you’re trying to go, so she can give you personalized advice about how to reach your social and romantic goals – and how to get the most out of your Piña Colada group dinner dates. You can schedule your call at here. Happy connecting! 

For Singles & Couples: Each of us has a personal relationship blueprint buried deep in our unconscious mind. Understanding your relationship blueprint can help you see relationship problems coming, but only if you know how to distinguish your blueprint from reality, and what is possible outside of your blueprint. The Pleasure Course is a three-day seminar that will help anyone – from singles to those in long-term relationships – discover that blueprint and learn to transcend it. You can then learn to create and sustain an “eternal date” with your partner – a romantic relationship that reaches higher and higher peaks of intimacy, sexual attraction and spiritual union over time. Learn more here.

For Men: Based in San Francisco, EmLovz is America’s Dating Coach for Men. After dating 100 men for research purposes, EmLovz created “The EmLovz Academy” an online dating video series for men who are seeking to increase their success with dating. EmLovz offers free dating advice with her EmLovzTV video dating blog. Her goal is to coach men on dating and relationships best practices and to help people find or keep love. Book your coaching session here.


Head shots

Todd Westphal
Todd Westphal

Todd Westphal is a commercial  lifestyle, portrait and on-set photographer based in LA, SF and NYC. Originally from the East Coast, Todd shoots for magazines, nonprofits, ad agencies and production companies. He loves shooting portraiture and is keen on capturing people at their most true to self, whether David Beckham or a three year old toddler. He is excited about the prospect of helping you put your best face forward.






Six Degrees
Six Degrees

Six Degrees is a monthly membership for the every woman looking to build strong connections and life-enhancing experiences in her city. Whether you’re seeking a job, looking for a roommate, or launching a business – Six Degrees’ events, resources, and connections, let you build the network, opportunities and friendships you’re looking for to deepen and grow your life.

Six Degrees helps its tribe of dreamers and doers stretch their skills, challenge their minds and stir their creativity with out of the box programming. Events range from expert panels, 101 events and hands-on workshops. Every gathering includes speed networking.