How it works

food-247358-unsplashYou can go on a date organized by Piña Colada following a few simple steps:

1. Fill in a survey so we can match you with like-minded singles.
2. We will send you a dinner invite once we find great matches for you.
3. Secure your spot by submitting the payment.
4. Have a great dinner!
5. Let us know who you’d like to be connected with afterwards.

Please, review our Code of Conduct.

What previous guests have said about their date: Testimonials!



How does the matching work? Who will I be set up with?
We have developed a matching survey that is constantly evolving. We are aiming to match you with five like-minded singles according to your answers. Piña Colada is NOT a speed dating event, i.e. we are not matching you with one specific person, but are aiming for the entire group to be like-minded. Everyone who is attending the group dinner is single, within your age range, lives within your proximity and we also try to keep a gender balance according to your interests.

Can I edit my answers of the survey?
Yes. You can go back and edit your info by clicking “Edit Response” in your confirmation email with the subject “Piña Colada Matching Survey”.

I am gay/50+/have never used dating apps/live in the East Bay/South Bay/North Bay… – can I sign up, too?
Yes. Piña Colada is for everyone. If you are interested in connecting with like-minded singles over great food in San Francisco’s best restaurants, you should sign up.

What is the value of a Piña Colada group dinner date?
We are working with San Francisco’s best restaurants like Commonwealth. The price for the date includes a multi-course meal that is designed especially for Piña Colada guests, a signature cocktail of your choice, 20% tip, all restaurant service fees, and our matching service. Price ranges are currently between $179 – $250/group dinner date.

Can I cancel the date after being confirmed?
Yes. Life happens. If you can no longer attend the dinner date, you can cancel and receive a full refund, less an administration fee of $25, within 48 hours of the booking. If you need to cancel, please, contact us as early as you can. No shows and late cancellations (after 48 hours of the booking) are recorded as demerits and will not be refunded, nor will credit be given for future dinner dates. Individuals that do not show without cancellation may not be eligible to attend future dinner dates. Please, review our terms before booking a date.

What should I do if I know one of the Piña Colada group dinner participants?
In the very unlikely case that you run into someone you already know or dated at your Piña Colada group dinner date, we recommend addressing this briefly if both parties are comfortable with this.

Is there a dress code for the date?
If you could dress as a 🍍 that would be great. Just kidding! The dress code is absolutely up to you – make sure you are comfortable and your best self!

Do I have to give my contact information to the entire dinner party?
Absolutely not. Trust your gut! If you do not want to share your contact details with someone over the course of the night, don’t feel obliged to do so. We are happy to facilitate introductions – if both parties agree – after the dinner date.

Does Piña Colada conduct background checks?
No, we currently do not conduct criminal background checks on our clients. Please, review our code of conduct encouraging good behavior and let us know if you believe another dinner guest has violated the code. We also recommend you take a Lyft or Uber to and from the restaurant to get there safely and on time.

I am no longer single/interested. How can I unsubscribe?
Simply email us at pinacoladasf (at)