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About Our Piñas

Over the past weeks, we have hosted nine Piña Colada group dinner dates at The Perennial. More than 350 singles have signed up to our service and we are steadily growing through word-of-mouth and our matchmaker program.

If you were wondering if Piña Colada is right for you and who the people are that signed up and who you might be matched with on your first Piña Colada group dinner date, check out our stats below:

  • We welcome all age groups and have hosted dinners for all generations. Our youngest user was born in 1996 and our oldest in 1951. The median age is 32 years.
  • Men of all ages and sexual orientation wanted! Women clearly embrace the concept of Piña Colada. Currently 63% of signed up users are female.
  • While most of our users are heterosexual, we are looking forward to hosting our first gay dinner soon.
  • We are planning to partner with two more restaurants in San Francisco and are looking to expand to the East Bay and South Bay soon. 79% of our users live in San Francisco, 12% in the East Bay, 7% in the South Bay and 2% in the North Bay.
  • Our partner restaurant caters to all dietary restrictions and preferences. 31% of our users are vegetarian, 18% are gluten free, 14% dairy free and 14% cilantro free.
  • Our users are pretty healthy. 78% are non smokers, and out of our smokers only 3% smoke often.
  • According to their friends
    • 16% of our users are olympic athletes and only 3% are couch potatoes
    • 25% are workaholics who identify with their work while
      12% are funemployed who work to live
    • 71% are collaborative while 12% are competitive
    • 44% are intellectual, 35% are practical and 15% are traditional
    • 55% are confident and 9% are reserved
  • The majority of our users describes themselves as rather
    • communicative
    • interested in art
    • comfortable around strangers
    • taking care of others before taking care of themselves
    • relaxed most of the time
  • When asked who they want as their dinner date given the choice of anyone in the world, 5% want to have dinner with both or one of the Obamas.
  • When asked where they find inspiration, 23% answered in nature.
  • When asked what they want to discuss with the other dinner guests, 22% answered travel.

These stats are representative of our users as of June 18, 2018.

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